Kalidro Conference can create a consistent space planning as it matches with the individual desk. Its modularity allows creation of individual configurations. The top shapes are available in bigger dimensions up to a width of 2400mm. 

Benefits & features

  • The meeting tables are designed to match the look of the free standing desk.
  • Kalidro Conference integrates technology and offer easy access to power & data.
  • This smart and simple desk will fit all budgets.
  • The horizontal bars provides high level stability and allows using all top thicknesses (25mm, 19mm, 14mm.
  • Sustainability: Kalidro is made of 34% recycled materials. It uses less packaging and is 99% recyclable.

Different versions

  • Meeting table
  • Veneer finish
  • 3 meeting top shapes available in different sizes

Design awards

Germany - Baden-Wurttemburg International Design Award. Kalidro was awarded the Silver Award at Baden-Wurttemburg International Design Awards. The awards are backed by the German government. They reward orward-looking, high-quality design solutions that also address current trends. This year, the awards had a 'Focus Green' theme, focusing on the sustainability aspects of products.