Eastside visitor chair offers high versatility and good looks. It feels comfortable in any situation. Stackable with no sharp edges and featuring castors, Eastside visitor chair is easy to reconfigure. It is then ideal for conferences, impromptu meetings. 

Benefits & features

  •  Eastside visitor chair’s design is clean and neutral to match any task chairs.
  •  It is comfortable over medium to long periods. It is reliably strong and padded with ergonomic foam (for upholstered version).
  • Plain and wood chairs suit spaces like canteens, universities, medical facilities and welcome areas as they are easy to both clean and store.  
  •  Sustainablilty: Eastside chair is lightweight and made of few components.

Different versions

  • Visitor chair sled base - stackable in option
  • Visitor chair 4-leg base - stackable
  • Beam 2 to 4 seaters
  • Surface materials: Plain, Mesh, wood or upholstered.
  • Armrest, castors, row spacer, ganging, book rack and writing tablet in option