QiVi launched in the UK  

Jan 2012 

Steelcase, the global leader in the office furniture industry, is launching QiVi, the first collaborative chair that promotes movement and is comfortable for long periods of time. QiVi is a new category of chair, bridging the gap between task and side seating. Tasks are becoming more complex and often require the attention of more than one person. Meetings have evolved and people spend more time working together than ever before.

According to a Steelcase IPSOS survey, European office workers devote 70% of their time to group work.

Kim Williams, Steelcase's UK Product Marketing Manager, said: “Our research and observations have shown people move constantly in meetings. We have found that they don’t adjust their chairs regularly in collaborative work environments. They need chairs that are comfortable for long periods of time, with intuitive or automatic adjustments that promote movement."

QiVi is the first dynamic visitor chair, it provides support and favours movement, thus making collaborative workers more comfortable in meetings.

Stefan Brodbeck from Brodbeck Design, where QiVi was designed said: “The innovation lies in the combination of a pivoting back and a sliding seat, which brings comfort and allows people to change their posture easily. QiVi is also free of manual adjustments and offers immediate comfort. People can stay focused and engaged in meetings. QiVi will energise your meetings!”

QiVi combines elegant and smart design. Its wide range of finishes will accommodate everyone’s tastes and needs. The range is also available in different models: plain and mesh back versions; 4 leg, sled, conference, all with or without armrests, including several options like writing tablets, ganging, row spacer, height adjustment or castor base.