Steelcase at NeoCon 2011 

Steelcase debuts a selection of new and enhanced products at NeoCon 2011 

Answer (enhancement to existing product): Answer is a dynamic panel system designed to support the new demands of today, and the unknown demands of tomorrow.  Its patented frame design delivers built-in flexibility enabling Answer to provide an unparalleled range of applications, aesthetics, technology support and ownership adaptability. Updated Answer provides access to power and data where the user needs it most in a range of solutions that support mobility and aesthetics. Answer supports resident workers and mobile workers – creating a wide range of great “I” spaces and small “we” spaces. The range of panel heights and widths creates the level of privacy needed, or promotes collaboration. New technology tools help hide cords and provide improved capacity for power.

BIVI by Turnstone: bivi -a unique way to help workers connect to work and life. Built to Steelcase standards, bivi goes beyond, a first of its kind integrated Rumble Seat and Hoodie; arches that support canopies, bikes, snowboards. And there's integrated storage. Bivi is an integrated platform that provides all of the core workspace needs: individual and group desking, storage, space division, integrated arches that support a robust (and growing) portfolio of accessories that will allow the company or worker to customize their space. 

FrameOne with media:scape:  FrameOne bench with media:scape by Steelcase illustrates how benching is not a one size fits all application. For teams at the bench with high collaboration needs, FrameOne now features media:scape.  Teams of up to 8 people can instantaneously and seamlessly share content with one another or teammates across the globe with integrated HD videoconferencing. Additionally, this collaborative sharing can extend across workstations or across the globe, as teammates in other locations can “take a seat at the bench” through the integration of HD videoconferencing systems. 

LED Personal Task Light: The LED personal Task light is intended to serve as a primary light source, supplemented by ambient architectural lighting.  This LED light is a simple elegant solution that produces a macro light source rather than multiple points of light – it creates an environment, describing an individual’s sense of place.

LED Shelf Light:  The LED shelf light is an LED underbin Luminaire that combines performance, energy efficiency and user control in a slim profile. The light source features mini LED’s to deliver a comfortable light source with reduced energy consumption.  It also features a touch sensitive, finger tip controlled power switch that also functions as a dimming control.  A simple magnetic mounting allows the light to be positioned at user’s optimal location.  The light is distributed evenly across the worksurface, eliminating shadows along the back of the panel.  The LED shelf light is capable of daisy chaining three lights in a series.  It is cool to the touch, dissipating heat efficiently throughout the fixture’s aluminum housing.

Media:scape mini and mobile: media:scape mini and mobile take media:scape to smaller spaces and into more active environments while sustaining and extending the media:scape design and experience. Users can bring their own technology, walk-up and connect to media:scape’s PUCK and with the one touch – share their content with others. media:scape mini reduces media:scape to its most essential form. It ships in one box and requires no programming, making it simple to deploy and install. media:scape mobile transports media:scape into more active environments, enabling users to roll media:scape into any space.

Node chair with 5-star base and cup holder:  Steelcase’s new node chair with a 5-star base and stool height chairs bring an added element of flexibility and control to the award-winning node chair. Steelcase’s node chair enhancement with a cup holder brings an element of ease-of-use to the award-winning node chair.

SOTO II Worktools:  SOTO II Worktools are the result of research conducted over the past 2 years by Details and IDEO to thoroughly understand mobile work from the user perspective.  What are the challenges – where do the friction points occur. From their interviews and observations came product concepts that would welcome a user to an environment, to enhance the working experience and give back to the users.