Steelcase tackles Workplace Wellbeing for Clerkenwell Design Week 

May 24th, 25th & 26th 2011  

Steelcase, in partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, will be focusing on the topic of Wellbeing in the Workplace, for Mind, Body and Work.

Just when creativity and innovation are more critical to business survival than ever, knowledge workers are plagued by stress, fatigue, ailments, illness, and burnout that impede their productivity, engagement, and basic day-to-day sanity – in fact, 40% of US and Canadian workers who participated in a 2010 Workforce Management survey say their jobs make them depressed. As a result, there’s a well-founded trend underway worldwide to address worker wellbeing in the workplace more comprehensively. 

Each day we will share the latest Steelcase research that shows how environments that support wellbeing can be highly desirable oases. Our partners, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, will complete the daily presentation by reviewing the relationship between health and work and physiotherapy's contribution to keeping people in work.

Each of the daily sessions will end with a Mind, Body or Work themed performance including freerunners, comedians and even a world famous mind reader!  Read on for the full details….RSVP to

Tuesday 24th May,@1pm: Workplace Wellbeing: Mind Day 

'Mind’ day: We will end the session with an exclusive performance by internationally famous mindreader, Doug Segal.  Lunch will be served.

Wednesday 25th May, 8.30am: Workplace Wellbeing: Body Day

‘Body’ day: We will end the session with an awe-inspiring physical performance by a team of Free Runners.  Breakfast will be served.

Thursday 26th May, 12.30pm: Workplace Wellbeing: Work Day.

‘Work’ day: We will end the session with a very entertaining comedy performance on office life by leading comedian Mark Maier.  Lunch will be served.

Throughout Clerkenwell Design Week, visitors will also have the chance to try out our new Wellness centre, complete with products designed to improve workplace wellbeing such as the Walkstation and the revolutionary kyBounder footpad, designed to promote minute movements to maintain balance and posture. Apps and research will also be available to take away throughout.